I have a friend who says she’s weary of the abortion/birth control politics (on Facebook). I understand. I too am weary. I’m weary of remembering the horrible day of learning about our miscarriage. I’m weary of remembering the pain of my wife as she underwent a variety of tests to confirm it. I’m weary of imagining the horror we would have gone through if we had had to prove to the state what had happened before we were free to make medical choices. I’m weary of the fact that the very invasive tests now being mandated for women seeking abortion were, not so long ago, being condemned and attempts were made to ban their use – by the very same groups now wanting them imposed!

You see, these procedures are themselves not without significant risks, and when the “pro-life” folks wanted them banned it was because they are used to confirm the most significant kinds of birth defects, which they thought contributed to more abortions – so by banning the test, they thought maybe fewer abortions. But that did’t work, so now they somehow think requiring the tests, mandating unnecessary medical procedures, might lead to fewer abortions.

I get why people hate abortion. In particular I remember my own pain at learning an acquaintance had had one right about the time we lost our own much wanted first pregnancy! You know what will lead to fewer abortions? Treating women as fully human. Respecting their choices about things like birth control instead of calling them sluts. Realizing that men are also involved in pregnancy and holding them as responsible as we hold women for their choices. Trusting women. Trusting Doctors and creating a society in which having a child is the obvious choice. Creating the right-wings selective theocracy won’t make the icky thing go away, it just makes it worse.


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