As I write the country is reeling at the news of the shootings in Aurora, CO, by the time you read it there will likely have been some other big tragedy – maybe it made the news, maybe it didn’t. Maybe it was a traffic accident, maybe it was a betrayal, or just a mistake.

Who do we talk to? Who do we talk with? When life throws us a wicked curveball and we’re overwhelmed and confused and sad and angry? Who do we talk to. My hope is that you have several people who come to mind – not just one or two. Who might come to you in their time of need? And what about joy? Not just happiness, but joy? Who do you rush to share the best news with?  

Over the course of our lives, who those people are will change. Some will pass on to whatever God has created beyond this life, others may drift away due to moves, or just change. Sometimes relationships break down for a variety of reasons and so new connections may be needed. My hope though is that you will constantly have more than just a couple of people that come to mind. Even those of us who are introverts or, as my family has long said about me, “basically anti-social” – need those connections. 

And they don’t just happen – they come from time and attention spent, shared experiences, communication. We gain and become people who share life by, well, sharing. One of the things I hope you are taking from the “Teach Us to Pray” sermon series is that God, revealed in Jesus Christ and present now in the Holy Spirit, is one of the names we should have on that list. Not just in times of tragedy “Oh, God… why?” but in times of joy and in every time in between. Another is that while there are lots of good words and lots of good prayers, including the Lord’s Prayer – that prayer isn’t really about words at all, but about relationship with the source and sustainer of all we are. Prayer is a way of being. And a model of communication that might just lead to more joy, less sorrow, and greater possibilities for forgiveness in all of our relationships. Blessings on your journey.


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