Reposting – this was the Nov. 12th Logos article.

On the Christian Journey… with Pastor Christopher

On Confirmation Sunday, Pastor Cindy suggested that each member of our congregation try their hand writing a Credo, as our Confirmands did. A Credo – Latin for “I Believe…” is a statement of core believes, your foundation in faith. It sounds a bit daunting.

As you may know, my final round of paperwork in the Ordination process is due in February, interviews are in March. As part of my preparation, I’ve been reviewing the work I did for Commissioning as a Provisional Elder in 2009 and earlier stages of my candidacy. The first entry in my notebook actually predates my awareness of being called to ministry. I was in a Sunday school class when Rev. Gayla Rapp challenged us to simply write down what we knew and believed about Jesus. I took that challenge to heart and wrote. I wrote, I copied paragraphs from favorite books, I was inspired to read more… and I found I had questions. Things I had picked up here and there didn’t all fit together neatly. It was a moment that sparked my faith. My life has been profoundly changed – because in that moment I moved from going through the motions into discipleship. I became serious about looking and listening for, and responding to, God’s grace, love and presence. It’s a difficult, even dangerous, thing to be serious about your faith journey – but far less so than being oblivious.  I look back on what I wrote down back then. I’ve grown a lot. I now disagree with some of what I wrote – yet that document will always be the first entry in my ordination process.

You don’t have to write a “credo” document, but I encourage you to write one anyway. A single page. A statement of core understanding of the mystery that is divine grace; the mystery that is the Trinity, the mystery that is Church.

It doesn’t have to be perfect… just a step towards that place God is calling you to.  Blessings on your journey.


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