Posted this on FB the other day:  Planning to develop it a bit and use it, likely after Easter.

Curious when, or if, you’ve heard a sermon on the last part of John 21? Not the breakfast or the “feed my sheep” parts but the beloved disciple question / response and the conclusion about Jesus doing “many other things.”
20a: Peter turned and saw the disciple whom Jesus loved following them…
21: When Peter saw him, he said to Jesus, “Lord, what about this man?”
22a&c: Jesus said to him, “… what is that to you? You follow me!”

What if we followed our path instead of worrying over how others walk?
What if we took Scripture at its word that we don’t know the whole story and Jesus did “other things” too? Enough that if they were all written the world itself could not contain the resulting pages! (v25).

Share your light.
Receive what light others have to offer. Wish them well.
Yes, turn over a table occasionally… when necessary (and for the good of others). But more often shake off the dust …
walk away from the frenzy.

Speak prophetically.. But also stand in silence.
Heal… even, especially, across divisions and false boundaries. Even on the sabbath. Yet rest and pray often.

Break bread together, even… especially(!) with those who have let you down.
Encourage and equip them… But don’t seek to control them… And do not help them seek to control others. After all… Jesus said:
“What is it to you…?”


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