Written Friday, Nov 13th. 4:52pm in the midst of a developing story.

We are seeing horrific news out of Paris. As of 4:52 Central time US “Global security firm Flashpoint Intelligence said Friday that it had not seen any terror-related claims in the immediate aftermath of the string of violence. “We’re definitely not seeing any claim from any group, we’re not seeing any claim of response from any individuals,” and there is very little chatter online, Laith Alkhouri, director of research and analysis for Middle East and North Africa for Flashpoint, said” That’s interesting and actually a bit unsettling. It seems apparent these attacks were coordinated. Responsibility will no doubt be claimed (and determined) in the hours and days to come. “News” aggregation sites, each vying for the most clickbait worthy headline and image, are competing – not for truth or accuracy – but for sensationalism and hit counts.

Yet I am seeing many posts leaping to conclusions of who has done what. I’ll admit many of those may prove correct – but they are assumptions at this moment. Further – many of those posts seem to suggest that “all” of “them” should be… something….
One in particular stood out. (noun removed to distance emotion and make point):

“This is what happens when you allow _______  to live in your country. Europe and America WAKE UP.” It said.

I’d like to ask the poster… how, exactly, would he suggest disallowing ______ to live in your country.
How would you eliminate _______… and, having developed a plan to do so, what, exactly, separates you from the extremist who launch such attacks? From other monsters of history?  What would prevent the tools of separation from being turned on other groups? What happens when citizenship and human rights are shredded not by “them” but by “us?”
When you become that which you are fighting, then that which you are fighting, has won. Today is tragic. Those perpetrating such crimes should be caught and punished – but to fall into fear, to divide and turn… that… well that’s what those who did this WANT. Be not afraid. Look for the helpers. Seek peace.




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