I used to like the saying “Live your life in such a way that Westboro Baptist will want to picket your funeral.” But frankly they’re so laughable and scattered these days that’s not really a challenge. I’m increasingly convinced my goal should be to live my life in such a way that people are drawn to Christ by it.
Sometimes I do that well. Sometimes I do it very badly.
Jesus never hinted it would be simple, comfortable or even rewarding in this life to do so – but it so often turns out to be. I am so blessed to be where I am these days. It is so much better than where I was before I fully engaged this path.
My own journey has been immeasurably shaped and enhanced by people on very different paths who were willing to humbly share, ask genuine questions, engage in mutual hospitality, work together in areas where we found agreement and leave each other space to believe and even do things we found inexplicable. It’s those people who my path intersected with who shared their light, that I might better see my own way that have most stayed with me, for it is there that I have most deeply encountered Christ beckoning me to Come, and See! To follow, to serve. To evangelize, yes, but not in a way of coercion, rather in a way that shared what I’ve been given while not worrying about how others might be called or gifted differently. It sometimes takes me out of my comfort zone. It may one day lead to great suffering.
It will most definitely lead to even greater love and grace, even though I only see that now through a dim mirror.
Be not afraid. We are the body. Best of all, God is with us.


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