Yes! Let’s reason together.
We Methodist are GOOD at ecumenical work that bridges differences in belief and practice. Let’s afford our immediate family the grace we offer other brands of Christians and other faiths and love alike.

I think that IF (2 big IFs) we lived together in difference for a couple years (read: no trials / punishments for glbt clergy) and talked holistically about Scripture and the Discipline (and the many tensions present in both around human sexuality) we could come out of it stronger – either together or split in some sensible, sorrowful, mutual way that leaves not wreckage but new functional partners in our greater work like UMCOR.

Let us model for a divided world some Holy Spirit led alternative to binary all-or-nothing conflict. Nothing less will “make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world” – and that… That! (not the Discipline, policies and procedures) is “the main thing.”

Grace and Peace



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