Christopher Mt Holy CrossThis is the personal blog of Rev. Christopher Eshelman, aka Pastopher.  I currently serve as Associate Pastor at Calvary UMC in Wichita. A former Campus Minister, I am also the board chair for the ecumenical Campus Ministry @ Wichita State University (my alma mater.)  I’ve been married to my lovely bride Robin for 23 years as of March 7th, 2015 and we have two baseball crazy sons – one a Junior in college and the other a Junior in High School. Been a long strange trip, with more twists and turns coming up!

The phrase: Oak, Maple, Willow, Mesquite is a way I invite people to think about God’s intended diversity. Picture each of these four kinds of trees. Picture some other variety you like, Pine, Redwood, Aspen… Tell me, what is the one correct way to be a tree? Consider these different trees – if one plants an entire grove of, say, American Elms – are all those Elms the same, or are they different?  Genetically each is the same – but each will have an individual encounter with air, sun, soil. Each will have different challenges and thus each ones roots and branches will grow differently. Each of us is just like everyone else: Unique and unrepeatable.

On the Christian Journey… is a title lovingly stolen from a mentor for my newsletter articles and a statement that faith is not about a moment or a set of beliefs, but a lived relationship with God, particularly revealed in Jesus Christ, guided by the Holy Spirit and with the diversity of other believers.  Here are three of my favorite posts that will give you some further insight into my understanding. Trinity / Knowing / Cosmos.

Blessings on your journey!


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